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WOG Technologies - BOOT/BOO Projects & Solutions

The public authority turns to the private sector to provide capacities needed for the construction and operation of a new plant for bulk water supply and sewage treatment on a greenfield site – under a build-operate-transfer arrangement.

BOOT/BOO models are recognized throughout the international water sector as acceptable instruments for the financing, construction, operation, repair and maintenance of infrastructure and for the provision of public-sector services for the population. We have gathered valuable experience through our cooperation with public partners and in long-term water-related infrastructure projects and we are currently operating successful BOOT projects. A sound legal basis is a prerequisite for a public-private partnership to thrive: in BOOT models that involves a contract that defines the services to be provided by private industry and takes the legal, financial and regulatory aspects into account.

Under a BOOT arrangement, WOG Technologies takes over management responsibility for the planning, construction, and operation of a water supply plant or treatment plant or waste to energy plants, all in accordance with the technical specifications stipulated.