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WOG Technologies - Industrial Process Water

WOG Technologies deals with all pertinent issues that manage the whole water cycle including Industrial Process Water. Water is a vital utility, providing process water, boiler water, cooling water, washing water, flushing water, recycled water in the production/manufacturing processes and drinking water.

Having all innovations, experience and technologies inhouse available with us, we have build a very strong network of our satisfied customers in the recent past. Our customers have justified their confidence in our blend of new and thoughtful ideas coupled with new technologies specific to meet customers demand. WOG Technologies continues to aim to maintain its revolution on conservation and ecological utilization of the worlds precious resources and on top a high social responsibility.

In order to meet the customer’s demand, through our strategic alliances and inhouse skills, we provide the customized technological solutions to design, build and operate industrial water treatment networks and projects. Highly focused on all types of needs and level of integrations through a wide range of dedicated, customized services. Besides WOG Technologies is having large network of researchers and experts to provide the knowledge and skills to local service providers to maintain the continuity with our customers.

Solutions offers combination of productivity, energy efficiency, low operating costs, reduced impact on environment.


Provide Clean Solutions - Keeping in mind the change in regulatory standards, we help our client adapt to new environmental requirements with our wide and unique range of treatment processes
Control treatment Costs - Through our innovative technologies and vast experience, our plants are energy efficient, low maintenance costs, recovery of by products, low operating costs. Maintaining link with plant operation - Most appropriate strategies, best training to the customer’s operators, dedicated team to keep an eye on plant operations Commit performance guarantees: We commit to meet performance, timeline and cost expectation of industry operators

WOG Technologies’s experts have been involved in hundreds of plants for process water treatment that are in operation around the world. WOG Technologies offers the followings for Industrial Process Water-